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About us


SALTLIGHT STATION is a Vietnamese fusion eatery featuring Banh Mi, No MSG Pho, and specialty Vietnamese coffee beverages. Guests can dine inside, enjoy our outdoor patio, or order online and pick up at our Drive Thru window! SALTLIGHT STATION is a special place for family, friends, and the local community to meet and enjoy a healthy and delicious meal. We hope to see you soon!


How did we get the name, “SALTLIGHT?”

Inspiration comes from scripture, as we are reminded to be the “SALT of the Earth” and “LIGHT of the World”. We hope our family business can help season and brighten this small corner of Allen. We hope our little shop could become a gathering place that makes a positive impact on the community.

How did the concept of COFFEE + PHO combination come about?

It was a long time dream of mine to open a community-centered coffee shop - I even drafted a business plan when I took a course on Social Entrepreneurship. As a Vietnamese native, I also love eating pho, and thought why not offer both of these craft comfort food items I love under the same roof?

How is our Pho different from other Pho restaurants?

Our Pho-losopy is to keep the menu simple, fresh, and use high quality ingredients.  Clean and pure water is essential for making broth.  We invested in a commercial water filtration system to assure excellent water quality for our bone broth from the start.  We start by simmering choice meat and bones for 12+ hours and add pho aromatics of ginger, star anise, shallots, and cloves.  Pho is traditionally seasoned with MSG to achieve the savory taste, but we do not use MSG in our recipes as my husband is severely allergic to it. We offer a No-MSG Pho recipe so MSG sensitive families like ours can enjoy a savory bowl without the negative side effects.  Finally, we skim the excess fat from our bone broth before serving to achieve a flavorful and healthy broth for our pho that you can enjoy sipping by itself! 


People also rave about the high quality meats used prepared in our pho.  Our Prime Ribs and Briskets are slow-roasted for 4+ hours to achieve the most tender and flavorful meat in a bowl of pho.  Our 100% beef meatballs are made in-house from ground ribeye with no fillers.  Our chicken pho is served with flame grilled chicken breast hand-carved to order.  We also offer a pan-seared tofu pho for a delicious vegetarian option.  You may also order any of our pho with our house Spicy Lemongrass bone broth!



ALLEN, TX  75002

sun 11:00am-8pm

Mon 11:00am-8PM

tue 11:00am-8pm

WED 11:00am-8PM

THU 11:00am-8PM





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