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Charity Concert

November 23rd, 2019 | 7:00PM to 9:00PM

%50 of proceeds from 7pm to 9pm will go towards Allen Citizen's Fire Academy.

Purchase your charity tickets here.

Performance Featuring:

Robin Willis 

& Band




The Official High Court of Tynwald is the legislature of the Isle of Man; and is the oldest continuous parliamentary body in the world. Its name, translated into modern terms, means, "the gathering place." We have chosen the name Tynwald to represent us: a gathering of friends.

We have combined many years of both classical training and homegrown talents to create a unique sound that is exciting, passionate, and just good fun. We breathe new life into traditional music from the British Isles, folk songs of more recent times, and quirky, obscure tunes from unexpected places.

Tynwald is based in north Texas; and we play all over the metroplex at public venues and private events.

Heather Powell began studying violin over thirty years ago; and has been playing the fiddle with Tynwald for the last ten years.

Melissa Teinert has been playing cello for thirty years as well. In fact, she and Heather began their musical studies through the Plano Independent School District's orchestra program! Melissa has always had a passion for Celtic music; and was delighted when she had the opportunity to join the band Vagabond in 2003.

Bob Hicks, guitar and songwriter, was a founding member of Vagabond. He is self-taught--and in high demand! He also plays with Yardgoat, CUUC's House Band, and Monday Night Jammers.

Eli Lopez (One Drop)

July 1 Live Music

July 2 Live Music

July 3 Live Music

July 4 Outdoor Concert & Fireworks

Happy 4th of July! We have a great view of the fireworks from our parking lot. Come on by and bring your lawn chairs. Enjoy the live music and watch the sky light up with us!

Hawaii native Eli Lopez had no shortage of musical influences being raised in a family of musicians. He grew up listening to Sam Cooke, Carole King, James Taylor, Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff and the musicians from his island home in the 1970’s and 80’s. Even now, he still loves listening and singing to different genres of music including Reggae, Oldies, Rock, Christian & Country. From a young age, he was accustomed to singing in front of an audience and was exposed to numerous musical instruments such as the ukulele, bass guitar and even the auto harp. The acoustic guitar has been his instrument of choice from the beginning of his professional career in 1993.  

Eli has been a lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player for a variety of bands over the years, including One Drop, which he formed with his brother in 2001. Together they produced two successful albums with all original music. Eli has played at many different venues in the Hawaii and also has entertained audiences in California and Japan. He has won numerous music competitions since high school and throughout his career has played with talented local musicians from Hawaii and abroad.  

Today Eli enjoys sharing his talents and the Hawaiian culture with visitors at the hotels on the shores of Waikiki.  

Robin Willis

With vocals referred to as "wonderful, marvelous instruments", stage presence described as "something you have to experience", and songwriting skills that are "top notch and refreshingly original", Dallas-based Blues-rock band Blues, Love & Trouble is one of the fastest up-and-coming acts in Dallas, TX. BLT's vocal and songwriting approach draws on many influences that can't be pegged as one genre, per se. Sometimes mellow and smooth, sometimes gritty and powerful, undertones of blues, rock, and even a little Texas country color BLT's distinct sound. Combined with songs that speak for themselves, each melody unfolds layer after layer of sultry, multi-faceted goodness.

Jackie Minton

Jackie is a singer-songwriter of the acoustic folk-pop genre. Jackie grew up listening to the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Hilary Duff, and Taylor Swift. After deciding to quit after-school sports at age 11, she picked up guitar lessons and never looked back. Throughout high school, she commonly performed at sandwich shops, coffee houses, and bars around her hometown Arlington, Texas.

Her first original song premiered at her fifth grade talent show and seven years later, she recorded her debut EP Searching for Now. Jackie's style is often compared to Ingrid Michaelson, Joni Mitchell, and Daughter. 

She enjoys reading a good book or magazine, but her favorite past times involve pen and paper. When found with them in hand, Jackie can be caught journaling in her notebook, composing a letter, or -as you may have guessed- writing a song.


NGNG (Normal Girl, Normal Guy) is a fusion of an incredible rock and pop vocals blended with a jazz overtone. Formed in 2017 after Laureli and Matt started writing song ideas after a gig one night, NGNG enjoys mixing acoustic and jazz medlies into pop beats and redefining a traditional acoustic experience.

Thomas & Aymi Lightfoot

Thomas Lightfoot is a 24-year-old American, soul/R&B, singer/songwriter from Dallas, TX. Once you hear his velvet voice and soulful blues guitar, you’ll understand the excitement surrounding this fresh and captivating artist. A finalist in the recent Rock 101 Battle of the Bands, Thomas alternates recording sessions with playing in local coffee shops, or one of Deep Ellum’s favorite haunts. With the support of his family, and co-managers Grammy nominated, Jaret Reddick, of Bowling for Soup, and former Radio Disney Executive Robin Jones, Lightfoot launched his first “official” video and single in late Spring of 2016. His latest single “Couldn’t Help but Fall in Love  “ can be purchased on itunes.

Thomas & Aymi Lightfoot

Aymi Lightfoot

Singer songwriter from  Dallas Texas. Styles influenced by amy winehouse, Adele, and Matt Corey.   

Philip Soapsmith

Phillip can commonly be found jittering through the used section of any and all local book stores with a large coffee in hand. He has been participating in the local music scene from age ten, taking classical guitar lessons in old McKinney. Since then, he has played in a number of groups throughout the DFW metroplex. He has shared the stage with the likes of Smash Mouth, Weird Al, Robert "Jr." Lockwood, Kinsley August and Shaylen Carrol. Phillip is a collector of vintage songs, and other songs that sound that way.

Ashley Lagunas

​A songwriter's sound is often shaped through life experience, drawing tones and colors from the well of life's story. Ashley Lagunas grew up a missionary kid and was accustomed to life on the move. Her well is deep and filled with many life-defining moments.

Ashley remembers; "One of my earliest memories that marked me was on a train bound for my new home; Mexico City. I'd lay on my red velvet bunk looking out the window as we passed shack after shack of homes made of cardboard. My six year old perspective was shifting and transforming with each mile the railway made. I was seeing the world, and the world was telling me her story. The train pulled in to the station and my little feet stepped off and touched the soil of their first nation. I was introduced to the abundant life and I was forever changed."

Blessed with a voice that is tender and invading, Ashley Lagunas's music exists to bring hope and courage to the heart of every voyager sailing their sea in life. Her songs are an overflow of her relationship with God.

Her newest album “Raise the Stakes” is paved with melody and saturated with winsome lyrics inviting the listener further into a life of faith with God.

"There was a continuing theme on this record-Faith" says, Lagunas. "My heart cry is for people to experience God and the fullness of life that is found only in Him. My hope is that these songs would bring hope, speak life and and stir faith."

Erik Carrizales

Erik Carrizales is a 21 year old singer-songwriter from Dallas with soft and interesting original songs that feel of Coldplay and the Beatles with his trusty and unique 12 string and piano.

Kevin Lovett

Kevin Lovett is a 28 year old guitarist from El Paso Tx. He plays many different genres all ranging from Christian contemporary where he got his start through the secular realm and into the 80's, 90's, and 2000's time frame. In his off time he loves to ride his motorcycle and cook at home. He plays with the love and support of his family. 

Kinsley August

Music that sounds like the dreams of soothsayers in a sauna. Experience the psychedelic love sound of Kinsley August.  North Texas songwriter featured on 91.7 KXT FM and The Local Ticket 13010am. For fans of: Jeff Buckley, The Beatles, Modest Mouse, The Moody Blues and passionate music.


Seraphim will be on stage! Her love ballads and songs about home are inspired from her appreciation with the world and the people around her. Drift away in rich tones, warm vocals, and surprising rifts.

Elaine Keim

Elaine Keim started performing regularly at live events while she was in college, after joining a praise and worship band. She enjoys playing folk and top 40 hits and her singing is influenced by artists such as Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Hoizer, Coldplay and the Lumineers. She graduated from Texas Tech University in May of 2016 with a degree in Geosciences and a minor in Atmospheric Sciences. Elaine then moved back to the DFW area, in December of 2016, after a six-month internship with NASA! She performs at the Potbelly’s on 15th street in Plano, TX, multiple times a week, and at other live events. She is also the Assistant Center Director at Mathnasium in Allen while pursuing a job teaching math.​

Tamar Milenewicz

Singer, songwriter with a unique sound.Tamar enjoys performing songs from different genres. This young performer leads her local congregation in worship with the youth band.  She has been singing and enjoying music since she was a baby and wrote her first song at age 13.

Christopher Green

​Growing up in the Southern California music scene lit a fire in him that even 30+ years of professional life couldn't extinguish. Now a local musician and singer/songwriter, Christopher believes home is where you want to be and that love is the most powerful thing in the universe. His music is acoustic, eclectic, and fun.

Abbi and Jake from Maybe No Moons

Formed in a living room in Dallas Texas, Maybe No Moons is the product of a few high school musicians hoping to leave a unique mark on the indie scene while paying tribute to iconic songs from the 70s and 80s. The band's condensed duo, Abbi and Jake, offer an atmosphere of soft, lovingly handcrafted melodies and smooth bass lines.

Ethan James

When  I was 4 years old I knew  that I'd be a guitarist, though I only gained the attention span to learn after I turned 10. Since then I've been inspired by folk and Indie musicains such as Johnny Cash, Willy Nelson, Jack Johnson, The Shins and many others. I've also been inspired by many different genres of music from 90s rock , reggae to Hawaiian music. My second passion is  searching for and practicing sustainable ideas for a cleaner and healthier future for humanity by localizing and practicing healthy farm/gardening techniques.

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